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Why us?

Native speakers: we only employ translators who translate into their native tongue. Unlike other agencies, which typically charge an additional 50% for native speaker proofreading, we believe this is an essential prerequisite for quality, and therefore we do not charge you any extra for this service. We also have a very strong inhouse English German, French and Italian native-speaker capability, which means that however urgent your job, your translation will always be thoroughly checked by our inhouse native speakers to ensure complete perfection.

High capacity: we work with over 50 translators on a regular basis and have a further international network of some 200 translators who know us well and are familiar with our working methods. This means we can fulfil any request you may have, in whatever language pair, to a high standard and within a very short deadline.

Strict quality control: translation jobs are only given to translators with a proven track record of expertise in the given area, then the translation is checked by a second translator for linguistic accuracy and, if necessary, by a third translator for professional accuracy, and all this at no extra charge!

Speed and flexibility:
we accept material for translation well after usual working hours (we’re always available on our mobiles), and our extensive capacity means we can usually have your work translated and checked by the very next day. This is particularly useful if you have to submit urgent proposals, bids or statutory reports that are subject to strict deadlines. We regularly translate and fully proofread 200,000-character (30,000-word) documents in a week or less. And at no extra charge!

Consistency: we’re here to stay! Our company has been operating in the language services business since 1997, and the owners of the business are also translators, so we are fully motivated to invest in our client relationships for the long term. With the help of state-of-the-art translation memory software, we build comprehensive files and databases of your particular product names and favoured in-house terminology. Besides ensuring consistency over time, this also saves you money, since you will not be charged the full fee for repeated paragraphs in updated documents!

Project management: when you start working with us, you are assigned a client relationship manager who is also a project manager – someone you can rely on and fully trust to manage your projects at every stage, assigning your jobs to the best translators and proofreaders, passing on any special instructions or last-minute requests you may have, and ensuring timely delivery of a perfect product.

Price: we’re based in a relatively low-cost country, which means we have lower overheads than language service providers in Western Europe – savings that we pass on to you in the form of lower prices. So, why pay for the higher overheads of Western translation companies when you could have the same, if not better, quality at around 30% less?

Multi-language capability:
our extensive international network of translators and proofreaders means we are in a perfect position to take on projects that involve the translation and proofreading of the same text into several European languages simultaneously. If you do business in several countries, as most of our clients do, you will need newsletters, reports and product information materials translated rapidly into several languages at once. We have teams in each country, each made up of carefully selected professionals who trust each other and are used to working together to turn out perfect translations, and each of which is ready to fulfil your multi-language orders to perfection, in a rapid-turnaround environment.